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"During my life changing experience at The Ohio House, I was given a golden opportunity to better my physical condition. I got involved in both personal training and boxing, all of this was made possible by the generous scholarship from Principio."

Garrett McNeill — California

"I had been clean and sober for ten months when I relapsed. Having been completely defeated by the hand of addiction, I longed to be free again. I had virtually no resources, nowhere to turn, and Principio helped me tremendously by funding my detox stay, which set me back on the right track. I am very thankful for that. Last weekend I was able to enjoy a Principio-funded camping trip with some of my closest friends in sobriety. It was one of the most amazing weekends of my life! I will never forget it and I will be forever grateful for everything this wonderful organization has done for me."

Makoa Carreira — Hawaii

"I’d like to share my very positive experience with Principio Recovery in helping my son in his time of need with his addiction recovery. My son was addicted to meth and heroin and living his life on the streets trying to support his drug habit. When he was ready for a lifestyle change, we were fortunate as a family to be able to combine our funds to pay for his in-patient treatment followed by residency at one of The Ohio House sober living homes in Costa Mesa, CA. After a few months, my son had a relapse that required him to complete a 2-day detox program in order to continue living at The Ohio House. Unfortunately, we had exhausted all of our funds to pay for any additional treatment and his insurance provider wouldn’t cover the costs. Forced with having to go back to the streets, Principio Recovery stepped in and covered the costs of his detox treatment. Thankfully, this has allowed my son to continue living in the clean and sober environment he needs to be successful and he continues to do well in his recovery. Many thanks go out to Principio Recovery for all their help keeping my son on a healthy track."

Dave Sexton — Nevada